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This is my personal website. I don't promise to always keep it up to date. I don't promise to always be politically correct. The purpose is to give those that wander through something to think about, to ponder. I hope you enjoy your taste of my little world here in the World Wide Web.


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Bobbie DuFault lives on a little five acre chunk of heaven, in the country, with her wonderful husband, children, grandson, and their many four legged and feathered friends. She is a technical and non-fiction writer by profession, and an artist by nature. She is involved in the Reading for the Future program which promotes the use of Science Fiction and Fantasy in the Classroom and has written a Teachers guide to internet resources. She knows she might be just a little bit crazy because she works on running conventions in the Pacific Northwest, was the Chairman for the 2005 North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC), Cascadia Con, worked on local conventions for the last 20 years and is currently chairman for ConClusion, the 65 th Westercon.