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Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it. ~Andre Gide


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Some Images from the Moulin Rouge Island Photo Stream:
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Welcome to the Moulin Rouge

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn Is just to love and be loved in return."
-Eden Ahbez

The Moulin Rouge of Second Life® is an extravagant place with its huge dance floor, and galleries that are the last word in elegance. There is such a cultivated atmosphere that the show is not only performed on the stage but also all around you: aristocrats, eccentrics, artists and performers have fun side by side, in an atmosphere of total euphoria. The Moulin Rouge attracts all to the night pleasures in a joyous atmosphere of feast and frivolity.
Our Courtesans and Courtiers are an elite group of highly trained world-class lovers.

We are a role-play, adult sim, playing in the La Belle Époque (The Beautiful Era) of the late 1800's, early 1900's. This was the age that the Cabaret Theater became popular and Expressionism became the new avant-garde.

At the Moulin Rouge, you can enjoy spending time with our Courtesans or Courtiers, bring a date and dance or enjoy one of our Spectacular live shows. We invite you to join us and make the Moulin Rouge your home away from your first life.


Some Lessons from the Dungeon:

The Madame of the Moulin Rouge, Kris Harmison from time to time gives classes on various topics of interest to those who indulge in the darker side of the Rouge. For more information or to have her speak at your Second Life venue please contact Kris.Harmison at Gmail dot com


The materials linked to below are of an adult nature and not suitable for minors

Some Call Themselves Master

Places like SL provide virtual playgrounds for many people experimenting, many of whom have no clue about what they are doing.   I have seen many a person calling her/himself Mistress/Master who does not know what those terms mean, many a sub in their first few days of play who hook up with someone they don't know and commit to experimenting with things they do not understand.  The curious thing about it is, because it is a virtual environment, we feel safe. Because our computer screen separates us and our bodies (and RL) from these people, we do not think about the mental side. These things can leave us with deep emotional scars. ...MORE

Ideas and Tips to Spark Your BDSM Sex Life In SL

How do you go from bored in the relationship to sizzling hot and desperate for more? What can you introduce to take it to the next step? This lecture offers some kinky thoughts and ideas about different ways to take up a notch. ...More

BDSM 101

This lifestyle is far more intimate and intimidating then most people ever realize. It is complex and there is much to learn and much to be gained by that learning. In any relationship, the first thing that needs to building between the parties involved is communication. For our purposes today it is even more important so that we know when to stop, we know how to adjust our play to make it push the limits, the personal boundaries, to create scenes that are the most intense and memorable possible. ...More